Monday, September 9, 2013

Gem's Story

I've been working on Galaos, but having a bit of a hard time putting the story together.  That's not because the story doesn't want to be told, but it seems that Gem's story wants to be told more.  I've always said that Gem is one of the most interesting characters in the Abstrus series for me.  All of the characters have their stories and their reasons for being who they have become, but I've always been the most interested in how Gem has come to be the person she is today. 

So I finally figured out that trying to write the next book with the white noise of Gem's life story playing in my ears is not a particularly good combination.  I'm not getting much done.  It would make me far more productive to allow her story to tell itself first and then go back to Galaos and Lexi.  I'm officially working on a novella about the events in Gem's life before meeting Lexi.  After all, aren't you dying to know just how a half breed ended up working as a hunter? Who knows where we'll end up! 

And now that you know what I'm working on, I'm gonna end this and pretend to go be productive. :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Shady's Back

Well, howdy.  Yes, I have been MIA for a loooong time! My apologies.  But don't worry. I'm still around and kicking.  The past year and a half has been jam packed for me.  I had a new baby boy since I've been away.  He's 9 months old now and the cutest chubby person on the planet... but of course I'm biased. 

Of course, my procrastination turned into desertion as far as my writing goes.  I know, I know. Shame on me! But the good news for those who have been waiting is that I'm back and focused again.  I have more going on right now than I've ever had at one time in my life (including becoming a student again, yaaaaay me) but I'm prepared to put in the extra  hours to complete Galaos, the third book in the Planet Abstrus series.  I'm very excited about it and hopefully soon, I'll have a prospective release date for you guys. 

So that's pretty much all for now.  Glad to see you guys again, and I won't be a stranger. Hopefully :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

But I Digress...

Apparently I have been living in the clouds because it wasn't until just now that I realized I haven't posted in almost two months.  Shame on me!  I have been indeed doing some fun things over the past two months... but I can't really say that I've been doing what I'm supposed to be doing.  But what's new right? :)

I have been productive though.  Just not very productive in the way of writing.  =/  My embroidery habit has kicked into high gear and I've had the time of my life with my Brother machine.  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. 

And now that I've said all of that, I have realized what the point of this post is.  (At least I got here eventually right?)  Galaos was supposed to be out around this time, but obviously I've fallen behind on getting it finished.  I apologize greatly.  The new date that I'm shooting for is early November 2012 and I'll keep you updated on it. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Abstrus Giveaway + Randomness

Well, I've quite obviously missed my "tomorrow" deadline that I set to get my little giveaway posted.  Don't worry though.  I'm gonna do better, starting today :)  Anywho, I've got signed copies of Abstrus and Sion  that I will be giving away to two people.  All you have to do is comment here on the blog or on my Facebook page to enter. will be used to select the two winners on July 7th.

Whew! Now I feel better.  My randomness for today is that for the past three days it's been over 100 degrees here.  Yesterday, I got in my car and the dash thermometer said 114.  Ri-di-cu-lous!  Bless the guy that invented air conditioning.  Luckily though, the book I'm reading in set in the mountains of Montana during the winter.  Nothing like a little imagination vacation to cool off right?  The thing that makes me even sadder is that we haven't even hit the hottest part of the summer yet.  Maybe I will write a poem about it... 

I've thought about it for a moment and now I will definitely be writing a poem about it.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Why am I up at 3 am?  No, it's not because I'm working hard on something and I'm so diligent that I just had to see it through to the end before going to sleep.  I wish I could say that was the reason. 

I'm really still up because apparently sleep has decided it hates me for now and doesn't want to visit me.  Stupid sleep.  After lying in bed for hours trying hard to not be awake anymore, I decided to blog (which is not quite as productive as writing, but hey, who's judging) since I have at least 2 things to talk about.

The first is Camp NaNoWriMo!!! If you've been around awhile you know how I absolutely adore NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) which takes place during the month of November.  It's the perfect thing for a girl like me who functions best under a glaring deadline.  How excited was I to find out that Camp NaNo will be in two separate months this year in addition to the traditional NaNo????  June is the first camp and I'm all bunked up with my sleeping bag and my new deadline to get the writing done.  I'll be sure to keep you updated with my progress this month, because I just know you're dying to be updated daily about how many words I've written :P

The second thing that I had to talk about was how lacking I've been in the giveaway arena. For a while there I was really awesome and was holding giveaways left and right.  So in my attempt to be awesome again, I'm dreaming up a new giveaway for a copy of Abstrus and Sion and maybe some swag too.  I guess I will sit quietly in the dark and decide exactly what I'd like to do for the giveaway until I fall asleep and announce it tomorrow.

Well, those were my two things to talk about and I'm fresh out of things.  I hope this post made at least a little sense, but if it didn't, remember that it's 3am and I'm sleep deprived.

Goodnight now, I hope.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Timeless Battle

Well I have been thinking a lot lately about that age old battle that will probably never see an end.  Yeah, you know the one.  Pessimists Vs. Optimists. My husband would say that I'm a pessimist by nature, a true Debbie Downer, but I'm not sure that I would agree.  I would call myself more of a realist (and I can see him rolling his eyes at me even as I type this.)

But regardless of which I truly belong to, I do believe that I've had an epiphany... and not just because I like the word epiphany either.  For the past few weeks, I have been walking around being my normal realist *cough* pessimistic *cough* self, but with extra dedication for some reason. 

The "some reason" would actually be lots of reasons.  I'm not where I want to be yet and I'm slowly chipping away at the block to get there, but it just wasn't happening fast enough.  And then for a while I felt ignored by readers, and then once that phase passed and someone picked up Abstrus, they felt it wasn't a five-star effort, to say the least.  Bummed was not the word. This all had me re-evaluating the meaning of life for a while.

The point of this pointless post is to say that in the battle of pessi Vs. opti, I will probably never be the latter... which I'm coming to realize is okay.  Just because I'm not a glass-half-full or a "the sun'll come out tomorrow" girl doesn't mean I'm broken.  The good news is if this is you too, you're not broken either.  I mean, some of the greatest most revered artists in history did things like chop off their own ears and were just plain nuts.  If I haven't reached that slippery slope then I'm probably doing pretty okay. 

I think that being a pessi/realist is definitely a part of who I am and is it's own motivation for me to keep going and doing what I love.  Because ultimately if I love what I'm doing, then someone else will too.  That doesn't mean everyone will but even just the someones make this all worth it.  And I'm not saying it's cute to always be the worst case scenario type person, because it's not.  Even us pessis have opti moments.  I know I do... especially when I'm eating gummy worms.  Then everything looks a little brighter.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Galaos Progress

I'm so excited about Galoas, the third book in the Planet Abstrus series.  The writing on it has gone a little slower than I would have liked.  There are so many things going on right now that it's hard to find the time to withdraw to the dark recesses of my writing corner and focus on nothing else.  But no worries... I foresee a dark corner in my immediate future.

I will be putting up an excerpt from Galaos soon as well as the Galaos and extras pages complete with cover and sound track.  Exciting right!!!! 

And I have to say that out of the three books, Galaos is quickly becoming my favorite.  There are some things happening that shocked even me.  I can't wait to share it all with you.  And the even better news is it's still on track to be released in late summer 2012.